The Pennsylvania State University

Ph.D. Political Science, August 2018 Fields: American Politics and Methodology

Dissertation: Party Coalitions, Party Ideology, and Party Action: Extended Party Networks in the United States

Committee: Lee Ann Banaszak (chair), Michael Berkman, Bruce Desmarais, John McCarthy (Penn State sociology), and Michael Nelson

The Pennsylvania State University

M.A. Political Science, 2015 Fields: American Politics and Methodology

Case Western Reserve University

B.A. Political Science and Mathematics (minor in Economics), 2010

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Miami University

Assistant Professor 2018 -

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Courses Taught

Miami University

POL 306: Applied Research Methods: Fall 2018; Spring 2019; Fall 2019; Spring 2020; Fall 2020; Spring 2021; Spring 2022; Fall 2022; Fall 2023
POL 345U: Social Movements and Protest: Fall 2018; Spring 2020; Fall 2020; Spring 2021; Spring 2022; Spring 2023
POL 345Y: Class and Inequality in American Politics: Fall 2019; Spring 2021; Fall 2022; Fall 2023
POL 491/591: Social Network Analysis: Spring 2023

Pennsylvania State University

PL SC 426: Political Parties and Interest Groups: May 2017

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Research Interests

Substantive:Social movements, protest, American political parties, and collective action.
Methodology:Measurement models, social network analysis, and time series.

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Masters’ Committees

Chair:Isabelle Sistino (2023); Jacob Bemis, Wilson Maier, Lily Wilmont (2022);
Emily Cain, Blake Mullenix (2021); Virginia Bulger (2019)
Committee:Tess Von Hemel (2022); Shannan Lunar (2021); Sara Carnahan,
Muriel Truax (2020)

Honors Thesis

Alex Dyer (2022); Alex Foltz (2021)


Service to the Discipline

Journal/Edited Volume Reviewer: American Journal of Political Science; American Review of Politics; American Sociological Review; Ask: Research and Methods; British Journal of Political Science; Journal of Adolescence; Journal of International Communication; Labor Studies Journal; Mobilization; Perspectives on Psychological Sciences; Political Analysis; Public Opinion Quarterly; Research in Social Movements, Conflict and Change; State Politics and Policy Quarterly; Science; Sociological Forum; and Survey Research Methods
Book Manuscript Proposal Review: Cambridge University Press.
Full Manuscript Review: Princeton University Press.

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Miami University


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Pennsylvania State University

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Statistics:R, STATA, STAN
Programming:Python, C++, Javascript